Tea Society

Dear Ms. Penelope Proper,

Thank you so much for the amazing tea party!! I never knew the reason we use the term "High Tea", and now, not only do I know some awesome history, but got to attend the kind of tea party I only see in movies. Your attention to detail in everything from your own costume to the food and antique tea cups was impeccable, delightful and memorable. I cannot wait to book another. Thank you also to Ms. Sarah for her gourmet scones, they were incredible!!!

Warm Wishes!

Layla S.


Dear Mad Harlot Tea Society,

This was my 3rd tea party with you, and I must say...I am a "Harlot" for life. I need your Chocolate Slut Cake recipe for starters, and I must say, the crystal charm bracelet makes my day...it's like collecting baseball cards only way cooler. LOL, ok and Penelope, you WAY out did yourself for the Queen of Hearts Tea. You are my new "spirit animal"...

Love Always,


PS- the slut story never gets old...

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Journey down the rabbit hole with Teatrix Penelope Proper for the fantasy tea party of your dreams...

Dear Mad Harlots,

Thank you for making it ok to wear a huge hat, gloves and a corset!! My Mom was so surprised to see me dressing like this, and I usually am not this flamboyant, but damn, this was fun! Like playing dress up as a kid all over again, and I am 48 years old!!!

Not only that, but I was brave enough to come alone (that never happens), and I made some amazing new friends!

Please keep it up! I need more of this in my life.

I never knew I could have this much fun without cocktails..LOL!

Love to all the ladies that made this awesome.

Your newest "harlot"

Ms. Stephany G.



Mad Harlot

Dear Ms. Proper,

Ok, so I was really upset about turning 40. But then I walked into your tea party with my friends for my surprise party, and discovered that 40 is a perfect age for a Mad Harlot such as myself!! What a GREAT TIME! I have been to every tea house in the tri-state area and have never had an experience like this one. The food, totally gourmet, the tea, delectable, the atmosphere, glamorous and fun...but the highlight is YOU Ms. Penelope Proper! Thank you for being so much fun as a "Teatrix" and hostess, you are the perfect mix of protocol and provocotive and I LOVED every minute!!! I look forward to being a Mad Harlot for life!

Love and Hot Tea!

Adriana H.


PS...better cucumber sandwiches then I had in London!!!