Perfect any time of the year, but especially wonderful for cool fall evening, this warm, melty, savory and sweet sandwich is a perfect romantic wind-down meal to share with someone special-especially yourself, on a outdoor porch watching the sunset, wrapped in a cozy quilt. This pairs perfectly with Grandma Grace's tomato salad and Borgo Medioevale's Muscadine Cider BLUSH.

Ms. Penelope's RECIPE of the MONTH

featuring Borgo Medioevale

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Ingredients & Supplies

( Makes Two Sandwiches)

* Four Slices of thick cut rustic Sourdough bread

* Irish/European Style Grass Fed Butter

* Sliced deli Ham (we recommend Boars Head Honey Maple) Pat dry from any moisture

* Thinly Sliced brie cheese rind off

* BM Muscadine Spiced butter

* Whole sage leaves


* Large Frying Pan

* Spatula for flipping

Sandwich Directions

* Melt butter in frying pan on medium heat

* Coat the inside of both sides of the bread for each sandwich with the Muscadine butter.

* Lay the noon coated side into the pan with melted butter to brown. 

* As bread is browning, Layer with brie cheese, ham and brie cheese, cover with other half of bread.

* Brown sandwich on each side until golden brown and the cheese is melted.

* Remove from heat to a plate to cool slightly.

* Add a teaspoon of butter to hot pan and lay fresh sage leaves in the butter to crisp. After the leaves crisp up, crumble onto the sandwich as garnish.


The Mad Harlot Tea Society is very proud to announce our official Partnership with Borgo Medioevale Vineyards! We value high quality products and companies to continue to offer our members and friends the most amazing party experiences EVER, and for that we chose Borgo Medioevale. Please explore this amazing company, and we look forward to their creations being a part of our future tea party experiences!

Delicious & Healthy!

Benefits of the Muscadine, America's First Grape™:

*Antioxidants (studies show effectiveness against colon, prostate & blood cancers)

*Low fat source of essential minerals and carbohydrates

*More dietary fiber than rice or oat bran

*Aids in removal of toxic elements from the body

*Contains Resveratrol

What Is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a naturally-occurring antioxidant found in the skin and seeds of the muscadine grape. Properties include:



*Lowers blood sugar

*Aids in weight loss

*Softens wrinkles

*Increases energy & improves sleep

Grandma Grace's Fresh Tomato Salad


​* 12oz Multi-colored cherry/grape/pear tomatoes

* Smoked or regular sea salt

​* Fresh cracked pepper

* Fresh basil

* Fresh Parsley

* One Medium Fire Roasted red pepper

* three table spoons of high quality aged Balsamic vinegar 

* 1/4 cup of richly colored cold press virgin olive oil 


* cut all tomatoes into halves or quarters depending on how big they are

* dice the roasted red pepper into slices the size of the tomatoes

* rough chop the basil and parsley

*Combine all ingredients into a bowl with salt/peper to taste, vinegar and oil.

* Toss to blend.

* allow to rest for flavors to come together about 20 min.


About The Vineyard

[Borgo Medioevale - Proudly growing the Muscadine: America's First Grape] There was a time when the words "green vineyards" meant that the harvest wasn't yet ripe. To those who patronize eco-friendly companies, however, those words take on a far greater meaning. The Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale is dedicated to green vineyards and even greener business practices. Eco friendly companies are dedicated to cleaner regulations for manufacturing and safer, more harmonious applications of resources. Green vineyards, such as The Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale, as well as organic wineries around the country are adopting new practices and cutting edge technologies for growing and harvesting. Our goal is to enhance local agriculture and create jobs while holding true to the mission of our parent company, LC Development, in fostering the harmonious co-existence of Man, Industry and Nature. The Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale has taken steps to ensure its place among respected eco friendly companies by implementing the following procedures at its home offices in Suffolk County, New York, as well as at its green vineyards in Swansea, South Carolina:

All company employees work from home as telecommuters, thus eliminating additional emissions from person transportation. Meetings are held mostly via phone or web-based meeting software, to cut down on additional transportation usage.
All work is completed via email whenever possible, whether we’re working on our websites, communicating with each other, or processing orders, thus virtually eliminating the use of excess paper. Documents are printed only when absolutely necessary.
The office is completely shut down at the end of the business day, therefore eliminating waste from excessive use of electricity – and protecting our customers’ data from loss caused by power surges or lightning strikes during evening hours. This ensures faster, more efficient work, saving us from unnecessary expenditures, and our community from unnecessary drains on resources.
All our grapes are hand picked, not machine harvested, and our grape products are made naturally, with local produce and vegan-friendly products, without chemical additives.Maintaining green vineyards is an integral part of our business model, and we are committed to following that model in all aspects of our development. The Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale, one of the newest eco friendly companies in the agricultural marketplace, is proud to present our harvest of Muscadine grapes in a variety of delicious, nutritious and aromatic products such as Muscadine grape cider, red Muscadine preserves and white Muscadine preserves. 

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Pan Toasted Ham & Brie with BM Muscadine Spiced Butter & Fried Sage


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