What IS The Mad Harlot Tea Society?

The Mad Harlot Tea Society is an organization dedicated to women's social gatherings around tea parties, provocative discussion and celebrating life. A "Mad Harlot" is every woman. Women of all walks of life, who enjoy fine food, lively atmosphere and a bit of mischief find themselves enamored with the opportunity to meet new friends, dress up, step out of the box and into a wonderland of the royal tea experience, even for only a few hours. 

We at the Mad Harlot Tea Society realize that our tea parties, events, appearances and our Hostess, Teatrix, Penelope Proper, cause quite a stir!!! 

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The Harlot in ALL Her Glory...

Although in modern times we use the term "Harlot" to mean a woman of "loose morals", we know that historically, women of "loose morals" were those who did not fit into the social box of prescribed morals for her time. This usually meant she was outspoken, opinionated, educated and made her own decisions on her desires be they social, sexual, professional or otherwise. 

We at The Mad Harlot Tea Society celebrate the concept of educated choice, self empowerment and the brash, unapologetic Harlot in us all, and where else to 
explore this side of ourselves than a well appointed tea party?

The Story of Ms. Penelope Proper...abridged...

Born in the humble hamlet of Yorkshire England to adventurous parents somewhere around 1850, Ms. Penelope began her exploration of the world before she had even left the womb. Facinated by the rituals and cultures surrounding tea, including the influence of her very British Grandmother "tea is Life", Penelope and her rather raucus wit, set forth to celebrate life, tea and the pursuit of happiness all the while sharing her knowledge, and good times across oceans and apparently, time.

Known as the "Naughty Marry Poppins of Tea" and the "Teatrix of Long Island", which she calls home,  Ms. Proper is locally recognized as a prominent figure in tea culture, supporting local business and promotions of all things tea. Ms. Proper has been hosting tea parties for elite circles of women for over 20 years, and being unapologeticly British, Ms. Proper is unabashedly the "Hostess with the Mostess." Her Guests leave each party, empowered, emboldened and inspired, giving her the nickname of "Inspiretrix". Sporting era appropriate  garb, biting wit and a wicked sense of humor that makes all her parties exciting, memorable events. 

NOT Just a Tea Party!

Tea Parties hosted by The Mad Harlot Tea Society are NOT your average Tea Party. The Mad harlot Tea Society is dedicated to the EXPERIENCE over all- a well rounded Tea experience in keeping with the celebration that IS a tea party with all  the details and dedication required by Ms. Proper.

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