Mad Harlot


Although in modern times we use the term "Harlot" to mean a woman of "loose morals", we know that historically, women of "loose Morals" were those who did not fit into the social box of prescribed morals for her time. This usually meant she was outspoken, opinionated, educated and made her own decisions on her desires be they social, sexual or otherwise. 

We at The Mad Harlots Tea Society celebrate the concept of educated choice and the brash, unapologetic Harlot in us all!!!

Let's Have Tea!

Meet the Mad harlots!

"We are all mad here..."

~Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

Tea Society

Founded by Cienna C. Rizza MS.Ed, (Also known as "Teatrix" Penelope Proper) professional entertainer, historian, business owner, education specialist and self ordained Foodie, The Mad Harlot Tea Society focuses on the gathering of Women for fun, camaraderie, social bonding, provocative discussion and when the occasion calls for it, naughty hijinks. 
The Mad Harlot Tea Society , welcome all women with an open mind or even a closed mind, who desire to color out-side the lines, laugh and celebrate life with other like minded women in tea-party gatherings that lend themselves to exploring various topics of discussion, fine foods, and fun. 
Party experiences range from tame and classic to provocative and certainly NOT your grandma's tea party...Which one is right for you?

"Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History"