Q. What happens at a Mad Harlot Tea Party?

A. Every party is different. However, at most MHTS parties, Ladies gather to enjoy some time to themselves, enjoying life, fun conversation, fine food, tea and entertainment with a Teatrix hostess.

Q. What does one wear to a MHTS Party?

A. The Mad Harlot encourages women to dress up and feel beautiful. Many tea parties have a theme, and garb within that genre is encouraged. However, we Harlots, never over look an event where "say-something" hats, gloves and party attire are celebrated!

Q. How much does a Tea Party cost?

A. Because there are many different kinds of parties, we suggest calling a Mad Harlot to find the right party for your budget.

Q. Do I have to drink tea at a Tea Party?

A. No. At most tea parties, Fruited ice water and sparkling cider are offered. However, please let your Hostess know you would like something else, so arrangements can be made. A tea party, like a wine tasting is a good place to ask about different teas and sample different kinds to see if something you may not be familiar with is more to your taste.

Q. Is a MHTS party just for women.

A. Although we usually run parties for women, we also do tea parties specific to mixed groups and men only. You can call to arrange a tea party just for your taste.

Q. What if I do not like my tea choice?

A. Not all flavors are for everyone. Like wine, people have their preferences. Ask one of our expert Butlers/Butletrix for an different flavor and it shall happen! We also encourage our guests to try different teas throughout  the event.

Q. What is a "Teatrix"

A.  At The Mad Harlot Tea Society, Our Parties are hosted by vivacious women known as a "Teatrix", who will be able to lead revelry, nurture conversation, direct games, be knowledgable in the ways of tea and tea culture and be a wonderfully naughty role model to keep the energy high and entertaining. Our Head Mistress Teatrix, Ms Penelope Proper is always ready to revel!

Q. How do I get a Hat Like Ms. Penelope Proper's?

A. Ms. Proper designs and creates all her hats custom. Each one is a unique work of art built off authentic, sturdy, imported Italian top hats. If you would like Ms. Proper to design and create a hat as unique as yourself, simply ask her. Hats take about a month to create, as she makes each custom and has to import the hat. Prices begin at $250.00 and go up depending on details and other artistic touches, such as antiques in the design, types of fabrics, Swarovski crystals, etc. A deposit of $150.00 is required, as well as a head measurement to begin the process.

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