Mad Harlot

Ms. Frenchie La Maman

Ms. Penelope Proper

Head Teatrix, Mistress of Ceremonies

​Tea-note Speaker

Known as the "Naughty Mary Poppins of Tea", Ms. Proper has been hosting tea parties for elite circles of women for over 20 years. Unapologeticly British, Ms. Proper is unabashedly the "Hostess with the Mostess." Sporting era appropriate  garb, biting wit and a wicked sense of humor that makes all her parties exciting, memorable events.

Ms. Sarah Skellington

Sconestress, Mistress of Scones,

Owner of Sarah's Scones. 

Known as the "Goddess of Scones", Teatrix Skellington, revels in running a tight ship. A "Mistress of Feasts" for several historical reenactment societies for almost two decades, Ms. Skellington, knows how to party. Working side by side with Ms. Proper, this team, really knows how to create delectable and creative tea experiences. As for Scones, the innovative choices, based on her family's own ancient Irish recipe are considered in some circles, "the food of the Gods..."

The Teatrix

What is a Teatrix?

All Mad Harlot Tea Parties are hosted by a very special tea specialist known as a "Teatrix".

A Teatrix is well versed in Royal Tea etiquette,  leading conversations and discussions, tea history and is a knowledgable tea sommelier and "foodie" and above all, knows how to throw a great party! She is what sets the Mad Harlot Tea Party apart from all the rest!!

Expert Tea Assistants to the Teatrix

The Mad Harlot Tea Society has some amazing women who have learned the art of expert service specifically for Social tea Gatherings. They make sure everything runs soothly at our parties and that service is top notch. Each woman is an Associate Teatrix and learning the fine art of Tea Party Hosting, the nuance of gourmet tea and food and woman's social gatherings.

Ms. Cattie Purringwell

Ms. Saligia Hennessy

Meet The Teatrix of the Mad Harlot Tea Society

Tea Society

Teatrix Hostesses & Our Staff

Ms. Molly McDimples

Ms. Monster Henchman